Tuesday 28 November 2023


a steady hand
wandering mind
moods break and make
a row
you get it down
in columns
even if it's slow


Monday 27 November 2023

nov 27

 today's nightmare ... tomorrow's dream


Sunday 26 November 2023

nov 26

 the end of happiness today gives ground for the beginning of happiness tomorrow


Saturday 25 November 2023

the wild ones

I ran out of words again
it was the most painful feeling i ever had
and completely unacceptable
the day would be long the night would be difficult
yes I would have to dream far 
and wide to wrangle the wild


drama 2

the run was over 
the lead wiped the makeup off his face
staring down the dressing room mirror

wishing they would take this show 
on the road

jealousy lay in wait
outside these theatre walls
the kind of drama you could not 
rehearse for 


care 2

whenever he asked her out 
she went she let fall her brown hair she
let him pursue her they went for cocktails
one night under her influence
he thought she cared about him
more than anyone but 
she was simply


sky keeps the secret

every november they traveled from adjacent towns for the weekend. crossed the half-sunken bridges spanning the boggy marsh. never to be seen again. a grey sky kept the secret in the eyes of the old spotted owl.   #katyamills