Monday 15 April 2024


my love

come let us walk the grave yards 

drinking our pearls

brush with spirits both

living and dead

arm in arm



Sunday 14 April 2024

April 14

wrapped in blankets lying there on the couch with you and the two tigers staring up through the high windows i felt what love was and it was not lost in translation the body letting go of all earthly problems for a while  #katyamills


they kept quiet beneath the hum of the two-stroke engine, the water's chop flattened by the belly of the boat and the drunken rants of their captain, squinting at the sun.


Saturday 13 April 2024

a livid sky

the pen ran dry. they turned it over noon to night restless and worried. posted letters to Brussels and London and Melbourne. what was certain now was fluid. in the park they watched the palms give form to the wind under a livid sky.  #katyamills

Friday 12 April 2024

bottle blue

the voices bombed her head until she told them off
a touch of bottle blue coffee on her tongue
the cats lapped up a saucer of oat milk
the painting of a grape harvest had eight different shades of red
when the afternoon sun crept down the wall 
from the window and caught it


Thursday 11 April 2024


all you wanted was your own friends and to like the things you liked and be left alone sometimes with your thoughts. they mistook love for glue and got upset with you.  #katyamills

Wednesday 10 April 2024

bad influence

 you grew up with bad influences

bad influences who created you

who instructed you to not to make friends

with bad influences. it was a terrible surprise

to them to experience you separate

body mind heart and soul