Friday, 31 March 2023

more than halfway out of control


when you breathe 

you do so effortlessly

whereas i have to run like i am hunted 

just to sharpen this axe

writing off this shallow sleep

blow by blow

all the dreams and visions 

I must confess they 

irritate my soul

what are we? other than

more than halfway out of



Thursday, 30 March 2023

vaca to the earth

I wish i was a space cadet

for a day

like an astronaut from another planet

seeing earth from a great great distance 

admiring its perfect beauty

wanting to go so badly 

thinking it would be everything it's not

rooted in my imagination of it

not having any landing



you make the bed you lie in

roll up the cuffs

get to work. tie up every moment

making money

if you find yourself

lounging on fancy furniture

one day

staring at the walls 

drinking endless high balls 



you asked for it


Tuesday, 28 March 2023


 the first drop of rain 

seeded from the ominous cloud

began its long journey



the murderous bastard

broke them apart 

all hopes of making it whole to earth 


luck have it they landed 

on the bloom of a blushing schoolboy's


waiting in the cold

for the bus. shivering 

a selfless salty teardrop 

took them in   


Monday, 27 March 2023

Ming Dynasty

on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon

we forked fried taro masterpieces

and lemon curd in wonton skins 

toasting the end of all soul sucking 

aspects of life


Sunday, 26 March 2023

thought. at feeling street

the sun left the sky

violet and orange 

the paint faded fast

under this skin

i touched universe

at last

i meandered inward 

inspired by a beat

and hit the thoughts

at feeling street


Saturday, 25 March 2023



i won't cry 

unless you cry 

sectioned off under the lights. another stage

black tights and vests with shiny buttons

midnight blue

boots laced up 

awaiting your direction 

heaving chest of breath


in opposition to certain