Thursday, 1 June 2023

June 1, 2023

I confess I am beat up, not so proud, not so smart as I once was, quite shredded from those years of rushing toward danger, trying to see how I match up against things much bigger. I know how to love and be loved. That is enough. I found my place in the world.  #katyamills

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

work is good

I got off my shift and you just started yours

sleeves rolled up we exchange uplifting words

we are workers. we make our freedom! this is how we live

it keeps us honest. work is good. it keeps us on our toes

it keeps us


Tuesday, 30 May 2023


the day before the final day 
in May we went to town hall 
it was cold and gray
we liberated the coffee from 
the crates imported and gave it 
all away. Main Street turned blue 
burners on. nothing left to do
but have a cup and tell stories 
like the man whose home was unmoored
in a storm and floated away
chased out on the final sun ray 
second to last day 
in May


Monday, 29 May 2023

sweet from bitter

it took me all of 10 years 

to unlock the secrets within 

the green cabbage 

now she tastes sweet

and i can kick up 

my feet   


Yosemite in May

the lady at Chinese Camp

dressed in a floral pattern

warned us the mad river 

had escaped. Highway 120

was impassable

we would have to travel

south on 140 to Mariposa

we bought an Indian blanket

and fed the chickens to 

thank her for her kindness


Sonora, CA

we had our final meal of the day

i ordered a burger that was not a burger

combination long drive and hike. Yosemite

we planned to get up before dawn but

it was impossible. i popped a Tylenol

and we slept in


the day you disappeared

we came upon a mountain

whose face blocked the entire sun

you hiked up the slippery rocks 

to where the tremendous waterfall 

landed. i followed you 

far as i could into the mist

it all happened so fast!

i shouted after you. my clothes

soaked through i lashed myself

to a beech tree there no longer

able to see or hear this is 

how you disappear