Tuesday, 9 August 2022


 dreams wanted me. dead

or alive. i blasted my way out

at 4am. now it's midnight

i'm fighting it. another

rockstar. another bang



he made a pass at me. like a plane flying in low visibility without an instrument panel. i slapped his face quickly. so nobody suffered.  #katyamills

Friday, 5 August 2022

lucky 1

a bar fight 

a skull fracture

no one knows who started it

and lucky you 



god 1

god is an artist

and innovates

drawing us in 

and out

painting over us all

with fresh



century HK

as a kid in Germany

he tangled with hitler youth

in 1938 got out alive

enlisted in WWII with the Allies

got a gold star tracking down gestapo in his homeland

went on a sociopolitical 

lean. advisor to every US administration imaginable!

2022 kicks back in New England

working on a century

recorded by the 



Tuesday, 2 August 2022

clingy vines

on the first of august 

he contemplated murder and suicide

she was with another man now

he picked up the brushes 

instead of the rifle. drew some clingy 

vines over a fence. they was

only thoughts 



all two and twenty years 

i wanna be a social worker she said

scribbling down our orders

 i came from a broken home

her blue-grey eyes hard yet

softened by hundred stacks 

of pancakes