Monday 1 April 2013

Rolling Allostasis -v)

She was a student of hypnosis.
She knew many things.
How to take a moment in time.
How to crystallize the moment.
How to take the frozen product to the bank.
How to hypnotize.
How to capitalize.

Meningitis could not break her. She had specialists who handled these kinds of cases. She always saw them coming. A skin rash. A concurrent fever. Just barely into triple digits. Slight chills. An aching pain that rents space behind the eyes. Blurred vision now and again. Photosensitivity.

Please! she asked politely, no cameras! 

Whether they decided to listen and abide, would be major. Could be the turning point. Those with experience in dealing with her, understood. They turned their sights down. Lowered their guns. Disabled flashbulbs, at the very least.

You did not want to fuck with her.
She would take your ass to court.
WIthout hesitation.

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