Friday 15 February 2013

i've been a bitch, and i will again, soon

Imagine this....  like maybe you're a multiple. Imagine that! Explore your own dissociative. Where do you go when you fail to associate? Are you hangin' with the Protestants? Are you a rebel or does it feel good to think you might be one? Or wait, maybe you're more in the class of those who just wanna be alone. Nothing personal. Just  Or if you have already accepted your various ways of being... then great. Or if you do not believe you are anything greater than one single organic work of genius. Okay. Cool. Feel that way.

You suck, Miss Always One Step Ahead! You really really suck!
 Who said that? No one wants to claim it. You have the general direction and you're eyes are generally staring in it. But no one wants to narc out the heckler. Why? Maybe because people do not like to be narcs. Maybe because the one who said it is clearly a fucking full grown coward, can't stand behind their defamation? They crapped and forgot to flush?

 So what. Go ahead then, discredit them completely and not lose your lunch over a few flat words hurled at you. You. Miss Can't Get Over Herself.  Do you care to flirt with disaster? Miss Close to Two Steps Behind. Every five seconds you seem to demand a new moniker. Swiss Miss with Feigned Showcased Neutrality.

A subject clearly talked out, burned out. Clearly yesterday's news experiencing upper perastalsis to regurgitate the day before. Even perastalsis fights the phone call. Sees no reason to regurgitate the already known quantity that is heavy and burdensome. Yes, You. Miss Succubus sucks you dry within thirty feet of her fucked up energy.

Even if you're undeniably one step behind, like, even if it's a fact you cannot contest, even if its proven in court and the gavel has ended the circus... even if only god can judge you and  has judged you Miss One Step Behind, even then you will predictably do what you do. You will find some fuckin' desert shaman or self-described psychic who found some real estate to rent on the edge of the  Fuck you. And you and you and you!  You can be a real bitch.

Clouds are the wave of the present. Most of us computer literates turned away from the concept of shared storage somewhere other than our bricks and mortar western digital terrabyte or sd attache or micro sd. Whatever. Try not to get too caught up in storing all your shit, your videos, your music, your voicemails, your emails, your texts, your mms's, your fancy redresses. Because its all gonna be immaterial when the universe pulls it into a dark matter vortex. The destruction of all that bullshit, consider it the anti-sex. yeah, do that. consider it your homework. or consider this post washed up and done. gargle and spit out. fresh and clean like you love it.

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