Monday 30 January 2012

Running into you...

I was a runner of a kid
before i was

 was known
by the kids
in the streets

Beat all my friends
and enemies
from lowell road
up cypress hill
up over hedges
down the old pine grove

Makes sense to me

Running away from something
a tribute to fear
a learned behavior
a way to never know
the unbearable

'broken' by Katya
Running from you...
rarely now
Cause fear aint nothin
to live by

i used to like
Running through the hills
past the llama farms
the black sheep
of unincorporated

i used to get high off the fear
took the flight
over fight

i used to think gettin away
was gettin away

No longer running
no more
cant get away with it
no more
my body she
don't need no more help
feelin pain

If i could stop my
like my runnin body
stop her in her tracks?

i would

Cause she hurt
runnin all my energy
hot and so much friction
so long now

'so long now' by Katya
No i dont need
no help
in hurtin

become harder
become longer
become greater

become my wish

In a world
full of
howlin hurt
of pain
burnin eyes
of perpetual

Oh yeah
holy shit yes!

its been religious
all this running
it always made a clearing
in the darkness
of a day

You and me?
dont worry
we gonna do
all right
runnin into
like we do

'framed' by Katya

Maybe not fine i suppose
maybe terrifying
possibly traumatic
unlikely to be forgotten

woven round the swab
of our heads
like cotton

Running into arms...
like we done
and again and again
hurtin with regret
tryin so hard to forget.

Fightin like bitches

'Exposee' by Katya
who hardly never fucked
talkin over
gettin high
hardly never sleepin
sharing words
holdin back

sharing what we wrote
guessing and assumptions
wailin and moanin
consuming the consumption


'twice-removed' by Katya
far ahead of the pack
we run half-blinded
A reckless, impossible pace!
they all say
every one so
tired of our shit

they done us already
like deja vu
they know by heart
the play-by-play

they may never see
nor feel

Runnin into you
runnin into me

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