Monday 13 September 2010

peacock parallel. II of II

  • Some held on to the heart against the tide of opportunists comin in waves, imploring, fronting weak currency, and invitations to postmodern raves... 
  • If you’re green, they offer you TLC, measure your accounts wide and generous to match your pre-disposition. and you become you-with-a-twist, like you in the hottest djs androgynous demolition mix.
  • you might like your new self, well I’m sure. (a good representation of your gendereckless world, of the highest moral irreverence and lowest on the brainwash standardized academic scale).  And rather than dumb you down, you got street wise, anyone says otherwise is a clown.

are there pharmaceuticals in your purse? what? for your current need...or your malingering desire. you have your ready line?  ativan for emergency purposes, stress of flat tires on the side of highway, broken down, when the anxiety hits you like a live wire. they suspect you now sing bare and tone, in the klonopin choir.
years and years of tales of  those who sanctioned such impurities, traded off for karmic insecurity.  late night throw-downs at quarterly earning heights, forcing our moms and pops to open shops for genx non-events.  taste testing of researched synergies of  astral planes. backstage passes for old ladies who run the indoor mood stabilization track. 

Lamictal-ly immersed, Valproic proclivity, then some pill co. announced the end of confidentiality. As a celebration, of course, freedom from your secrets. The parties endless, the movie screens raped, the ad campaign put out, all of this was taped.

Models skirts go up,  all the boys shout. Eyes  narrow. Under the ampsalt rush of 30ccs gone straight to the marrow. wannabe Mia Farrow. she saw them inject her ex-husband. she saw his response. she saw the new light in his eyes. just before she would no longer know him. of a thousand different ways they would interact... not once could she know him.
everyone needs a little help when rivers of same source break the parallel in-aqua-cess-ence in the pool, in the mix. Shadows embracing in the light, sent back to the dark to fade out to darkness and move unseen in untold darkness of controlled space night. no light. ..a quiet place... Toward the steady length of shadow, most refuse to look! Those spun into vertigo, spun away, invertigone! The black lights set upon. The white flags demarquing orgies canvassed the fertile land near dawn.

Below the pleasant scenery lay the unseen and even trampled on the ground. That was not okay. So it was pressed until it seemed hidden. Still it remained, unseen. This was okay somehow.

But it all started so harmlessly, the evening! out to dine merger, fine starched shirts, table red wine, Italian restaurants: joie de vivre! every cut of bone yard on the menu: eye of rib, filet for broiler. an establishment of potent sociopathy pervading dark halls, and smiles alike left plastered on the walls. 
  • Katya 2010

  • Future leaders of the world, hear this: bloodshed is no foreign element to those who have it all!

  • eastern edge of western world, may she be so very sharp yet non-violent. meet the west in a flash! submit? -- NOT AT ALL.
    any less would be cowards fare, stress, paranoia, the fall of truth. pulling of teeth. pulling of hair. why suffer here? just be aware. they want you to get dirty, down on your knees, so to support their understanding of the abject poverty of your ideas, your philosophies, your creed, they look upon with contempt. they reach for something they believe lies above them. like sky worshippers posed out! like skinny models situated in hipsters! you are the shredded silks and rayon they pick like berries. try you on.  Okay you may send in the children. Now go. Go stare at them meditatively. 

  • Okay okay. Some may slumber in good thoughts of their own honorable installments. Do not forget you must be sharp! crush them (gabapentin) and get neurons back on pathways . Sir? Ma’am? as the evening progresses, why not? stare back at their focused a-style stares. seek invitation to penthouse superior lairs. enjoy yourselves. pharmaceutically. without cares.

    Liquid cooled chairs. political minds refined to mastery. narcissistic-friendly egos. hand jobs for logos. Printed all over the ass of their vestments.
    Assuage the suede macrophage, esophageal bellowed cause of contented singularities -- quelle dommage! 

    Can it get more confusing? Add astrological anomalies to your day. Triple Taurus 3-play. Will wrongdoing become self-evident? Will you get up and do all the doing? they sit contented, its the law. while you work hard and get paid and settle vices and poison self, with whatevers below ascent to top shelf. The rules only they can bend. They  are not actual: just present to you as friends.

    Perched on skyscraper bars, buying rounds alternately and with a quick tempo... mindful in the moment to decease some person, place, or unmedicated idea. Before being called upon to surrender keys to their model year foreign luxe cars, they weigh their kilos, smoke their cigars.
    The ones who tell you they will sell your wares? do you fall into line? fall into the easy rhythm,  pull out their chairs?  the laughter-- is it to be mistaken for the source of 
    shed so many tears? their hot dry airs exhaust and exhaust.  it wears.  pret-a-porter in that apathetic kind of who cares kind of you gotta be kidding sorta way.
    For conscious one and all to ignore such a sight was not possible. the language that came forth between the lines of the foreheads peripheral? always of a demanding nature toward a hopeless situation. yet hidden under shock of hair, the shock that filled the air. questions of conduct. and the paperwork that backed it. legal parameters sorted, stapled and faxed it.

    Familiar. with contempt. they came out of the boardroom with erections and pro phalactics. not to mention shady tactics. they would wait to rise on gasses internal, to covet passes to VIP eternal.

    The peacocks! the Tit-E fuckers! On all 2s to subjugate those on all 4s! Behold them in grasp young ankles in between world tours!
    We almost expected lobotomy to answer to the ongoing global mental health crisis of collective unconscious non-economy. All solution was subject to dilution with consequential pollution to cloud any vision. Less and less clear to the most compassionate of providers, whatever any kind of thoughtful conclusion.  no one could see the forest, no one could see the trees. Under heavy bank of pharmaceutical cloud- E. The peacocks put their colors on the line - ya -- strip tease. just the knife going in deeper, it seemed. all reasonable careful internationally branded plans shredded. fin.

    or does it ever end? forgetful, must we begin again? try harder? go farther. excavate all around the central lobe. Cavity produced by the TV...

    Props to you who missed the parade deliberately ... you who knew better how to cope ... (oxytocin, the last of the wild, the dope) you who stayed in bed and got laid.

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