Tuesday 4 August 2009

yes! the affirmation you chose to answer all questions posed? and the doubt fades to green mudslide the snails ride and only the sea urchins abide. away with the tide! the answer need not be wrought! need not be caught clean like a fish in the air held to dish, celebrity photo magazine spliced and recipeed out like some tilapia with rice. how cruel how unfeeling the way we push it to the gills, to the ceiling! like we can never get enough, from the river to the snuff of fish dust we aspire, our nasal hairs lit like fire.

the affirmation will sublime you...superlemon and sublime meet in swiss orange land. the flames are fanned, and they agree Lemon-Lime! this is the new marketing wave to suck time! make money and laugh. so funny. do the math on ten digit calculators. hit the best clubs and take the elevators to the VIP + lounge. well-equipped with advance to surround sound, atmosphere dolby, makes surround sound mouldy. old and decrepit. like age getting tepid. blue in the gills, against raspberry frills, hold on! its acai berry, knocking raspberry to the sideberry. antioxidants and atmosphere, making hella cats move up here. the kittens are the ones, in thongs with iron lungs. to inhale the aspiration, of your doped out motivation. then bend over like a stand up bass that folds for travel, i will pull the string and watch kitten unravel. go play with the ball of yarn! i done tapped it and moved on and on.

the time...is now to change said picture. cast aside the rich and richer. get on & off the silence-- to essay back to essence. dust the seal, connect through old channels, like monotone and black and white, scrap that, candles. unravel various maze of modern id prints. return to Penthouse made by Flint. the soft press of lips to glass seemed sad. back in the day we did not know what we had. we must go retro and return. to that place for which we yearn. no complicated intraknowing. no psychosocial edate blowing.

the tip off of the scene so retro, came by boys and girls of the urban forest united. found sad lips to touch together. to imprint one anothers code of old. to break free from corporaglamoury...they touched and pulled apart and smiled. freestyle for freestyle, child! then did it begin. river from the source, traveled back to varied depths of various lakes. the cause for stronger connection came alice, 'cause for this cause do our hearts always ache.

so we need not buy airfare and move material weight (our bodies) through celestial clouds and coach class crowds. to find eachother physically, tangibly, we need not. just join like brushes caress snares. join with faces interlocked between woven hairs. to apply the truths we fight for! not a drop of all knowing eyeliner to spare. the relentless courage we have as old friends, from nyc to san francisco and back again. current strong. the song so loving long. the spaces in between absorb all shock and cleanse. to the friendship that never ends. bless u.

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