Wednesday 17 June 2009

spare your carbon monoxeygenated air (aka multitasking sux)

he got his weekly and his coffee and his eyes heart and soul over the marble tabletop between him and recycled dead trees spread with ink lit up around some situation, event, happening, whatever. the connection was strong enough to bring blood to his face. the girl across from him giggled and pointed. deep down she knew he was feeling the feeling. up top of her ballet toes she knew he was hitting gold flake paint tin ceiling. what a feeling.... epilogue.... neither of them ever saw eachother again, and he missed the mysterious unnamed event that stirred him to his soul... blame it on crappy 7/11 quality multitasking. he and millions of others were just waking up to the baby ruth juicy truth. doing five things at once is a good way to lose the life you think you might be juggling up there in the carbon monoxygenated air. a surefire loser of a dare. but please just don't stare. and thank you, i do care. now let me go. i gotta panhandle my bus fare.

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