Wednesday, 22 November 2017

faux hawk city

i only got one life to live and my part's crestfallen off my head, my eyelids hanging half-mast tonight. my thoughts are no longer disorganized or petty or obsessed or compulsed, you see, i only got one life to live so i'm takin' a train to faux hawk city, honey, and i won't be comin' back without you, no, i won't be comin' back all alone.

give the pain a voice

this holiday season may you feel part of. not alone. and if you are in pain, what does the pain say to you? give the pain a voice so it can tell you what it needs to go away... then go ahead and give it what it needs because it's the giving season, honey, it's what we do! 


many of the people the world has written off for dull have the brightest spirits, and shine
out from the dark places where their bodies have been relegated

dream #98

living made sense against a senseless world. each moment a firefly encasing light. we are protected. full of meaning we do not die. slow down a sec. come near. it's you and me. walking through all our pain to better versions of our truth of ourselves.


Always you came to me in 2017 with your moss-colored eyes and lay by me at a trust-colored angle. I found it quite endearing. You are good for me.

Monday, 20 November 2017

what was life

what was life before our devices which stand between us and our loves and our lives?

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

dream #1234

So many dreams to go. This one is a waking dream of  acceptance, to see myself in the context of all my world and relationships and choices and demands, the push and pull, the ebb and flow, and wake up each day willing to embrace it. To fight for what I want and need, knowing full well the fight will never end for the challenge is the life.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

girl on bicycle with cigarette

death knell
church bell
she don't give a damn

hacks get hacked

Now we uncover the hacks and the vices of folks who got power truth spoke to. now they wish that their names be forgotten after fame had a name to remember.

Saturday, 11 November 2017


I was on the yet and thinking of you before we even met, and you let me down when I met you. Beware of bold imagination, I promised myself, before meeting me where I was, the only place I could be, many years after a lifeless rehearsal of life.

one stone. two birds

a gun is the coldest moulded steel you ever put in your hand, holds a darkened chamber where living death sleeps, full of powder, ready in a puff of smoke and recoil to take two lives in one second. the other one won't die by the bullet.

echoes of yourself

alone as you may feel you are surrounded by echoes of yourself in words others speak when they address you and clothes they choose to wear for you to see and opinions they assert in a language you know cannot be taught only shared and is meaningful for you. together at long last.

Thursday, 9 November 2017


i was invited to Folsom this week by a book club to showcase my work and meet some who read my first serial fiction. i had a blast and got to share my process, and listen to some fine critiques of my work. now i know i cannot fool anyone and why would i? good books can sell and weak books sell, too. i am determined to publish only books that brought out the best in me writing them. blood, sweat, tears, and coffee. it's no use to be loved or hated if you cannot take pride and stand behind your little offspring-creations.

pay-per-view you

I wonder if some of these power players who are being cast out of Hollywood might end up cast in porn flix to make ends meet or just get off? They could easily relocate to West Hollywood or commute and reinvent themselves. Then anyone too lazy to call an escort could lean back and pay-per-view you.

600 years

we could keep us around by populating a host planet or why not go extinct right here, and let earth eradicate our species? we've had a good run. we could show our greatest virtue and make room for new species. we will look better in retrospect.

the terror

all the summer long the anniversary of the terror, like a toxin in the marrow, gave the thoughts a quiver for the drawing of an arrow

Monday, 6 November 2017


When asked what is my theoretical orientation, i have to consider the latest and greatest changes and developments both internal (to me) and external (around me). so my answer definitely changes from year to year... at the moment, in regards to conducting therapy, i would describe my orientation as so... i continue to try and meet people non-judgmentally with unconditional hope and regard. i consider them courageous for coming to therapy, and consider myself blessed to be brought into their world to travel alongside them for a while until their stated goals have been met. i do try and listen carefully so i can understand their challenges, and also to listen for nonverbal communications, and acknowledge what lies in the spaces between the words. i am process-oriented, and like to slow down the pace and leave room for affect and feelings. i want to see challenges from a holistic perspective, taking into account bio psychosocial and spiritual aspects. Therapeutic alliance is an important as a means for us to work in the moment on relationship, an opportunity, and I like to reflect back to a client what I am hearing as they share their story, so they can see how they come across. Finally, I like to encourage people to identify their personal talents and strengths, so that they can amplify these narratives to build self-esteem and see what they are capable of accomplishing in the world.

Sunday, 5 November 2017


vitality gets dispelled by a plan, yet planning is expected and encouraged. i wish we could release our blueprints more readily, without fear, to the wind stirred up by a rising sun.


i remember our old town, early eighties. we were kids, riding our ten speeds out for some records or ice cream or pizza or movies, and usually to your house same day. find some trees to climb or trouble to get into. even then i felt different and it made me uneasy around people. painful sometimes. but i always felt i could be myself around you. i wonder what you're up to now. life is hard, isn't it? i wish i could find you and take you down some dirt path where we could talk, and i thank you.

jack rabbit

jackrabbits jumpin through my mind, skippin over all the traps all the dips all the trips, go rabbit go, don't you let this crazy world get you down, tuck those ears back off the breaking of the news, follow the good path you've been given for to choose.